Decision Making

A special person in my life once told me to be careful with your emotions taking control of the decisions that you make. It is natural to feel sadness, happiness, confusion or anxious if ever you are faced with complicated decisions. This can apply to almost anything from difficulties in your relationship to whether or not you should leave the job you are currently working for.

Logical thinking can assist in your decision. making. Your emotions at times will make logical thinking go out the window. It is possible for your emotions to lead to impulse thinking, which can potentially land you in trouble if it is not thought out thoroughly.

At times it may be best to put your emotions on the side and think things through. It may be best to take a minute and write down the pro’s and con’s of the situation you are in. From that point on, you will know what route to take with your decision making.

It may be best to try to start with logic, then use emotion in the final choice.

I hope this helps anyone who may feel stuck in a difficult situation. Just remember to always try to stay positive.


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