Decision Making

A special person in my life once told me to be careful with your emotions taking control of the decisions that you make. It is natural to feel sadness, happiness, confusion or anxious if ever you are faced with complicated decisions. This can apply to almost anything from difficulties in your relationship to whether or... Continue Reading →

Signature Nail System

Those who know me know that my nails are almost always done. I usually do not wear rings on my fingers so it is my way of having some sort of decoration on my fingers 😉 I use to always do my own nails but lately I've been going to my local nail salon. Several... Continue Reading →

Homage to Frida Kahlo

Here's a run down of my outfit - Headpiece - made out of an old centerpiece. (I attached the flowers to pin curl clips with my hot glue gun) Jewelry - Forever 21 Scarf - originally belonged to my grandmother from Belize ❤ Xo

Curl Hangs

For the past year I have been growing out my chemical relaxer. I have become bored of my relaxer and I wanted to see what my natural texture looked like. I have been relaxing my hair for almost 20 years. This new journey allows me to embrace and relearn my hair again. Recently I had... Continue Reading →

Over the past three years…

November 2016 Over the past three years I have been working hard on starting my career as a hair stylist. I got my chair after being an assistant for a year and a half at a high end hair salon. During that time I was also freelancing styling hair for photo and video shoots. Not... Continue Reading →

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Now that the weather is slowly transitioning to spring, a few of my girl friends and I decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and I've only walked over the bridge two times! 😦 I need to do it more often! ❤ Besides the beautiful sunset... Continue Reading →

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